'NO SWIMMING' sign by pool that needs chlorination

How does the feeder work? Check out the video - Pulsar® video

As one of the oldest companies involved in pool water treatment, Lonza is one of the industry leaders in developing solutions that help ensure bathers enjoy a clean, sparkling and healthy pool.By offering a wide range of products from disinfectants and water balancers to pool-surrounding surface cleaners, Lonza helps commercial pool operators/managers control potential microbiology issues.

Through its integrated engineering, Lonza offers automatic systems and control devices to allow a complete water quality monitoring program.

Lonza offers proactive and responsive technical and after-sales service support.  


The Pulsar® Brand
​For nearly 30 years, Pulsar® products have been at the cutting edge of swimming pool water treatment. Based in Alpharetta, GA, we are your swimming pool chlorination solution for amusement parks, community pools, hotels, resorts and professional training venues. We specialize in powerful sanitizers, coagulants and pool maintenance products to give your swimming pool remarkable water clarity, color and sparkle.

Our range of automated feed systems make professional pool treatment easy to achieve. Pulsar® Systems chlorinate, boost hardness and treat metals all in one simple process. Pulsar® Systems can be configured to trap up to 99% of Cryptosporidium when used with the Pulsar CRS™ System. Cryptosporidium is the leading cause of gastrointestinal illness in treated recreational water in the USA. 

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Pulsar® 45-140-500 Feeders
Commercial pool chlorinators using calcium hypochlorite technology. Learn more

The Pulsar® 1 System
Specifically designed for commercial pools and spas from 500 to 50,000 gallons. Learn more

The Pulsar® 3 System
Specifically designed for pools with less than 250,000 gallons, the Pulsar® 3 System will give you cleaner, clearer water, less hassle and longer pool and equipment life. Learn more

The Pulsar® CRS™ System
The Pulsar® CRS™ System improves water clarity and efficiently traps Crypto. Learn more

Pulsar® Plus Briquettes
The dry alternative to liquid and gas chlorine, Pulsar® Plus Briquettes raise pool water pH to prevent corrosion caused by low pH. The results are longer pool life and lower maintenance costs. Learn more

Pulsar® Granular
The granular 'all-in-one" chlorinator that delivers unsurpassed and consistent results. Learn more

Pulsar® Power Shock
The industry’s strongest, quickest dissolving calcium hypochlorite shock treatment. Learn more

Be sure to comply with all government regulations for use. Always refer to product labels and SDS for information about specific products. Learn more by reading our Product Safety Details and Disclaimers.