Lonza Water Care products are sold worldwide for the sanitation and treatment of water in all applications. We're committed to adding value to our water treatment products through service and support. We strive to meet evolving community water standards and respond to public health concerns surrounding water with innovative solutions. At Lonza, our spirit of innovation is matched only by our desire to support the communities we serve.

 Industrial cooling tower water treatment with piping

Lonza Water Care's product technologies are used to control the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi as well as macroorganisms, including mollusks, in a broad array of industrial applications including: industrial cooling water systems and process water.

 clean water washing cherry crop post harvest

Lonza’s range of disinfectants aids in eliminating micro-organisms and promotes overall sanitation of post-harvest washing of fruits and vegetables, as well as sanitizing water for food processing plants including meat, poultry and beverage.


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Access to clean drinking water is a basic need, and safe water supplies, hygienic sanitation and effective water management programs are fundamental to human health.
Whether sanitation is needed in urban or rural areas, Lonza’s product range dedicated to potable water tackles the need to sanitize water in reservoirs, storage tanks, wells or other isolated water sources.


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Blue Sense™
Constant Chlor®

 baby splashing

Lonza is one of the industry leaders in developing solutions for clean, sparkling and healthy pool water. By offering a wide range of products from chlorinators and water balancers to pool-surrounding surface cleaners, Lonza helps commercial pool operators keep their pools usable.


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 Man looking at lake at sunrise

Lonza Water Care has the expertise to specify the right product for managing aquatic vegetation and algae in drinking water reservoirs, irrigation systems, aquaculture (fish hatcheries), wastewater, golf courses, livestock tanks and other lakes and ponds.


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Applied Biochemists®
Marine Biochemists®
Pond Oasis®