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Lonza now offers workflow optimization consulting services to help support labor optimization, cost reduction, time savings, and provide justification for the capital investment needed to support these efforts. With Lonza’s workflow optimization services, you will have QC Micro and Endotoxin Testing specialists work with you to understand your current workflow and offer optimization choices to help achieve your goals. Customers can decrease costs and increase productivity all while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The following products and services are available:

  • Process mapping, justification and return on investment
  • Robotic/automation platform(or work with existing platform)
  • Readers (or, if possible, work with existing readers)
  • LIMS/MODA™ integration via WinKQCL™ Software
  • Installation and configuration
  • Training and validation
  • Ongoing maintenance for hardware and software (by contract)  


Our workflow optimization solutions target areas of the process that contribute to retests, where time is wasted and mistakes are made, replacing manual error-prone processes with automated solutions. These optimizations usually include, but are not limited to, the following options:

  • Automating the liquid handling aspect of the endotoxin test as much as possible, providing a “walkaway” option for labs wanting to reduce pipetting and dilution labor and labs wanting to reduce retests associated with manual pipetting errors.
  • Transitioning customers from gel clot to plate-based methods.    
  • Evaluating current dilution and sample treatment methods and optimizing as needed.  This can also include changes to reduce retests with problematic samples.
  • Automated data import to and data export from the WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software for laboratories where the data entry workload is high.
  • Reduction of paper-based process with paperless options in the WinKQCL™ and/or MODA™ Software Solutions used in combination with your existing sample management systems.
  • Utilization of the built-in trending features in the WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection Software and dashboards in the MODA™ EM solution to replace manual report creation.
  • Implementation of new versions of WinKQCL™ or custom features designed to further reduce retests or to match customer needs not met by other available options.  


When evaluating a customer’s current workflow and offering optimizations, Lonza will make an initial visit to understand where there are opportunities for process improvement. Once specific areas are identified and agreed upon, Lonza will schedule a longer follow up visit to map out the details of the current process, and offer details on the solutions possible and savings the customer can realize.  We realize the budget process requires ample justification for your investment and the final report and process mapping will help support and justify your time and monetary investments in the solutions offered.

Please contact Scientific Support to set up an initial meeting.