• Ensure instrument compliance
  • Prevent costly instrument failures
  • Optimize endotoxin detection readers and robotic liquid handling systems

Lonza's Microplate Reader and Liquid Handling Robot Preventative Maintenance Services

Lonza’s instrumentation services provide comprehensive, flexible service offerings that can help meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Multiple options are available for On-site Service and Preventative Maintenance Agreements, from Time and Material (Billable) to Preventative Maintenance Contracts with Service Plans, which allow customers to choose the plan that fits their risk management needs.

Preventative Maintenance of laboratory equipment is performed by our knowledgeable team of Certified Field Service Engineers.

On-site Service and Preventive Maintenance Agreements are offered for the following instruments:

  • ELx808™ Absorbance Plate Reader
  • FLx800™ Fluorescence Plate Reader
  • PyroTec™ Liquid Handling System

 For additional information, please contact your Lonza Account Manager or local sales office.

Update April 2015:

We will be releasing updated ELx808™ reader preventative maintenance procedures.  The updates which will be implemented are meant to reduce instrument errors, align our procedures with industry expectations, and align our specifications with those of the instrument vendor. The most significant changes we have made to the procedures are as follows:

  • We already perform testing before and after the instrument services, however, two discrete procedures will now clearly distinguish “As Found” and “As Left” reader testing.  The service form has been updated to record results for these tests and label them accordingly.  This change better aligns Lonza's procedures with customer GMP and risk management processes.
  • The system test specifications were tightened to be consistent with the manufacturer’s recommended engineering specifications. Engineering specifications are tighter than operational specifications and are used during the preventative maintenance service activities to find instrument drift and prevent reader errors during customer operational usage.
  • Procedures were updated to be in line with our current version of the WinKQCL™ software, WinKQCL™ v5.2.1.  The updated procedures and electronic form support WinKQCL™ version 4.0 and higher.  The WinKQCL™ v3.1 and older software will not be used for PM service, as these versions are considered obsolete.
  • Preventative Maintenance parts replacement procedures were updated and added to the SOP to ensure that engineers are following the manufacturer’s recommendation on parts replacement and firmware updates.  The service form was updated to support these changes.
  • Cleaning and troubleshooting instructions were reviewed and updated throughout the procedure.

We understand that many customers have our procedures on file and will need to update those procedures.  If you have any questions or you need copies of these new procedures, please contact scientific.support@lonza.com or scientific.support.eu@lonza.com.