Global Endotoxin Testing Summit 2017

Endotoxin Testing is Moving Forward - Together We Can Define the Direction


June 2017, Annapolis, MD & Pickering Beach, DE, USA



The Summit 2017


We want to thank all speakers and attendees for turning the 3rd Global Endotoxin Testing Summit 2017 to a dynamic forum of exchange and inspiration. The community of QC Directors, lab managers, key opinion leaders, users and regulators from all around the world took the opportunity to:


  • Exchange with scientists and researchers on endotoxin testing technologies and complex assay solutions
  • Learn from our speakers and experts about industry trends, user needs and regulatory requirements
  • Experience an exclusive natural event and take part in the conservation of the Atlantic horseshoe crab.




View the agenda for the Summit 2017



endosummit agenda 2017 


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The official report on trends, issues and opportunities discussed during the summit 2017 will be online soon - You may look forward to it!


Event Highlight

Travelling to a Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary Beach (Pickering Beach, DE), the summit delegates could gain hands-on insight into the natural environment of the crabs and to save some crabs that have been stranded on shore. In collaboration with the Ecological Research and Development Group, a non-profit wildlife conservation organization whose primary focus is the conservation of the world's four horseshoe crab species, they had the opportunity to save some crabs stranded on shore and to learn more about the ancient species so important to our industry.


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Trends Article: Insights from Lonza’s 2016 Global Endotoxin Summit


Building on the success of last year’s event, Lonza held its second Global Endotoxin Testing Summit from May 23-25th, 2016. Delegates from across the global bacterial endotoxin testing (BET) community once again met in Annapolis, MD, USA to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the field. Topics discussed during the 2016 summit included an update on the low endotoxin recovery issue, improving endotoxin testing processes, and data integrity – the most recent hot topic circulating the quality control testing industry.


For more information about the topics discussed at the 2016 summit, download the full article "Hot Topics in Endotoxin Testing 2016: Trends and Insights from Lonza’s Second Global Endotoxin Testing Summit".

 Endotoxin Trends Article 2016