We are pleased to announce that in addition to the upgrade of our facility in Walkersville, Maryland, our site in Verviers, Belgium opened its new powder media production facility. This state-of-the-art, non-animal origin cGMP manufacturing facility is designed for the efficient production of media batches from 20-1,200 kg using micronizing pin mills and ribbon blenders.

The new powder production facility in Verviers, Belgium hosts 2 mills and 2 blenders with a nitrogen conveying system in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.  All equipments are stainless steel and equipped for clean in place (CIP).

With the 2 mills and the 4 blenders from our Walkersville site, Lonza has a capacity range from 7.25 to 7,290 kg.  From pilot to commercial scale, we can produce a product to meet your requirements.


Feature      Benefit     
Non animal origin facility      Regulatory Friendly 
Relative Humidity  Avoid Clumping and Reduces Bioburden     
Consistent Particl Size Distribution      Excellent Solubility 
Batch Capacity 7.25kg - 7,290kg  Pilot Batches to Commercial Scale 
Temperature control  Protection of Sensitive Chemicals 
High Speed Impact  Avoid Chemical Degradation 
Automatic Cleaning in place  Avoid Cross Contamination 


Lonza Bioscience has two state of the art powder facilities. The US facility in Walkersville, Maryland is set up with two independent systems; one small train that includes our 5H mill and 50L and 300L ribbon blenders. This is a semi-manual system designed to meet the needs of small-scale productions from approximately 700 liters to 17,000 liters of powder media. It is manually dispensed and cleaned using a validated CIP skid.

The other system installed in this production area is a large train that includes a 3H mill and 2,000 L and 9,000 L ribbon blenders. This instrument is filled through a semi-automated system into the mill and is then pneumatically conveyed through a closed system until final dispensing, which prevents contamination of the product and the environment. This large train is equipped with spray balls for complete CIP using our validated cleaning skid.

The EU facility in Verviers, Belgium hosts one pin mill that can be connected to the 100L blender, in a semi-manual system in which raw materials are conveyed to the mill. The materials then discharge the station by nitrogen, and lastly are poured manually into the blender. The mill can also be connected to the 2,000L blender, where nitrogen drives the raw materials and the powder directly to the blender.

Both systems deliver uniform particle size where 95% is <212 microns which is optimal for dissolution of powder media formulations. Since both systems use the same technology, equipment, and processes they can support each other.

Batch sizes for Minimum and Maximum Loads for Blenders in Kg


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