Filled Bioprocess bag

For more than a decade, Lonza has produced quality, flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical and biotech community.

Lonza's Platinum UltraPAK™  Bioprocess Containers offer the following features:

  • Polyethylene film in a 2-web configuration – our film is comprised of both an inner layer for product contact (100% polyethylene) and an outer layer (polyethylene/ EVOH/ nylon:PVDC blend) for structural support, durability and superior gas barrier properties.


  • Versatility in connectivity – our standard systems come with MPC and Luer® connections, along with a needle-less injection site for sampling. Custom options include steam-in-place (SIP) and aseptic connections and many more.
  • Automated sealing process – our 1 L through 200 L bags have a single continuous seal, eliminating possible seam leaks.
  • Carrier handles – available on our 5 L, 10 L, and 20 L sizes, the carrier handle is sealed separately and does not contact the inner product, eliminating areas of gas transmission.
  • Fully validated- Platinum UltraPAK™  film has been thoroughly validated according to the highest standards.  
  • Volume range- from 0.05 L to 3,000 L using Platinum UltraPAK™. Lonza internal filling capabilities from 0.05 L to 1,000 L
  • Tubing sets- available in various materials


Complete flexibility – The custom development process is available to those customers who need more specific packaging design for their application. Our experienced Packaging and Bioprocess engineers work closely with our clients to design a liquid delivery system to meet their exact specifications.


For further information on our Platinum UltraPAK(TM) Film validation package, please contact us.