Neutral and Alkaline Hard Surface Cleaner Disinfectants

« A new generation of quat based, hospital disinfectants concentrates. »

Product Feature 


Customer Benefit 
5 minute hospital disinfection
  • Potential to reduce application labor cost and time
  • Helps end users achieve EPA label compliance
Broad efficacy claim set including
 √  √
  • Critical claims for key markets           
  • Can be sold into multiple market segments
Multiple use patterns   √  √
  • Mop N’ Bucket, Spray, Pour Top, etc. application
  • Broad use / Flexibility
1:128, 1:256, 1:64 Dilution  √  √
  • Cost-effective concentrates
  • Economical use cost for end users
Quat based formula  √  √
  • Wide materials compatibility
  • Long use history in consumer and I&I applications
  • Low odor, easily fragranced
Neutral pH  √  
  • Broad floor finish compatibility
Alkaline pH    √
  • Good cleaning



Application Areas:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Institutional & Industrial (I&I)
  • Janitorial
  • Food processing / Service / Retail
  • Consumer
  • Transportation  


*See EPA label and MSDS for specifics on use site and PPE requirements.  Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.    

Download the  NUGEN™ MB5N Series Sell Sheet for more information.

Download the  NUGEN™ MB5A Series Sell Sheet for more information.