wipes being pulled out of a wipe box

« A new generation of quat- based, fast contact time wipes. »

NUGEN™ 2M Disinfectant Wipes Features

  • 2 Minute contact time hospital disinfection
  • Quat based:
    • low odor
    • long history in healthcare, institutional, and janitorial applications*
  • Alternative to alcohol or bleach-based wipes
  • High number of organism claims
  • CSF allows for flexible substrate and fragrance selection**
  • Flash point >200ºF


Application Areas

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Institutional & Industrial (I&I)
  • Janitorial
  • Food processing
  • Transportation  


Regulatory Status

Formulation Name: NUGEN™ 2M Disinfectant Wipes

EPA Registration: EPA# 6836-372


  *See EPA label and MSDS for specifics on use sites.
** Currently only 1 substrate approved  


Download the NUGEN™ 2M Series Sell Sheet for more information.