nucleofection substrate

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Looking for Superior Transfection Performance?

  • Electrical parameters are optimized to gain high transfection efficiency and retain highest viability
  • Excellent preservation of the physiological status of transfected cells

Easy-to-use technology?

  • More than 650 cell-type specific protocols lead to direct transfection success with a multitude of different cell types
  • Easy optimization protocols for cell lines and primary cells allow for quick and streamlined optimization of virtually any cell type

Excellent technical and applicative support?

  • Highly-skilled scientific support team to assist you in your research
  • Scientific Support Team members have a master or PhD level education in biology, biochemistry or biotechnology
  • Many with over 10 years experience in transfection support

Relying on a proven and innovative technology?

  • More than 6000 peer-reviewed publications and thousands of systems placed worldwide
  • Modularity of the 4D-Nucleofector™ System allows easy adaptation to new applications
  • Invention of Nucleofection™ of cells in adherence
  • Reliable technology made in Germany

Using various cell numbers for different applications?

  • Nucleofection™ of 2 x 104 to 2 x 107 cells are feasible within one single device
  • Transferability of protocol conditions from small to larger cell numbers with the new 4D-Nucleofector™ System

Easy expansion of your research?

  • Explore complex systems by using the same conditions to deliver DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, PNA, peptides, or proteins
  • Different device platforms fulfill your choice of sample throughput from 1 through 384 transfections per run including automated high throughput

Avoiding cross-contamination?

  • Disposable, sterile Nucleofection™ Vessels minimize the risk of cross-contamination with cell or substrate leftovers