Labelled siRNA transfected into HL-60
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Benefits of the Nucleofector™  Technology for siRNA applications:

  • Proven transfection technology with more than 300 siRNA publications
  • siRNA delivery with up to 99% efficiency in primary cells and difficult-to-transfect cell lines such as suspension cells
  • Low cytotoxicity
  • Co-transfection with plasmid DNA for transfection control or rescue experiments
  • siRNA library screening in difficult-to-transfect cell types using the 96-well Shuttle™ or HT Nucleofector™ Systems

siRNA-mediated GAPDH mRNA knockdown kinetics in various cells 
Nucleofection™ outperforms lipofection for effective GAPDH mRNA knockdown in difficult-to-transfect cell types.
Cells were transfected with 5 pmol SMARTpool® reagent (Dharmacon) targeting GAPDH using the 96-well Shuttle™ System (according to the respective optimized protocol) or Reagent L (after titration of optimal reagent amount).  GAPDH mRNA levels were analyzed 24 hours post-transfection by the QuantiGene branched-DNA assay (Panomics) and normalized to siCONTROL® Non-Targeting siRNA #1 (Dharmacon).