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Accelerate and Standardize Screening of Expression Vector Constructs

The 96-well Shuttle™ System offers a whole range of new possibilities for protein expression and production by combining:

  • Outstanding transfection efficiencies for cell lines most relevant for protein production (e.g. CHO and HEK 293 suspension clones, S2, NS0, SP2/0)
  • Unparalleled reproducibility
  • Fast procedure
  • Screening tool for expression vector constructs or generation of baculovirus variants 

CHO cells transfected with SEAP using 96-well Shuttle™

Reliable well-to-well and lot-to-lot uniformity with the 96-well Shuttle™ – The ideal pre-requisites for expression vector construct screening. 2 x 105 CHO-S cells were transfected with 0.4 µg of an expression vector encoding the SEAP gene using the Cell Line 96-well Nucleofector™ Kit SG. 24 hours post Nucleofection™ SEAP enzyme activity was measured (n=80, SD = ± 6.1% from mean). Wells without SEAP enzyme activity are negative controls of cells in 96-well Nucleofector™ Solution and plasmid DNA but without Nucleofection™.