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Stable transfection is an inevitable prerequisite for therapeutic and large scale protein production. Growth in suspension is preferred in order to simplify cultivation conditions and up-scaling needs. For many suspension cell lines though, the transfection efficiency using conventional transfection methods is not sufficient to facilitate the direct generation of stable clones with both good growth and production properties. With the help of Nucleofector™ Technology the cell line of interest can be transfected directly in suspension and in a serum-free environment with excellent efficiencies. This enables generation of stable high-producer clones even from difficult-to-transfect suspension cell lines and facilitates a significant shortening of overall process time.

Benefit from stable protein production using Nucleofection™:

  • Time-savings in generation of stable clones from your favourite suspension cell line – high integration frequencies and clone numbers even for difficult-to-transfect suspension cell lines
  • Reliable and fast screening of expression vector constructs 96-well Nucleofection™ Platform available with excellent and highly reproducible transfection efficiencies