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The demand for recombinant protein production is growing constantly. Protein amounts in the high microgram to kilogram range are needed for numerous applications like protein characterization, functional studies, cell-free screening, proteomics, pre-clinical and clinical approaches. Due to their capacity for proper protein folding, assembly and post-translational modification mammalian and insect cell expression systems have gained further relevance.

Benefits of the Nucleofector™ Technology for protein production:

Nucleofection of cells used for transient protein production

Efficient gene transfer for cell lines most relevant for protein production. Cells were transfected by Nucleofection™ with pmaxGFP™ Vector. 24 hours post Nucleofection™ maxGFP™ positive cells were determined by FACS analysis (light bars). Viabilities were assessed after propidium iodide staining by FACS analysis (dark bars).