Nucleofection™ of a peptide into SHSY-5Y cells

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Delivery of Peptides, Antibodies, Morpholinos or Other Biomolecules

The Nucleofector™ Technology is not limited to delivery of nucleic acids – it also enables the highly efficient delivery of a diversity of other non-nucleic acid biomolecules into living mammalian cells.

  • Delivery of peptides and peptide nucleic acids (PNA) for in vivo interaction studies of peptides and cellular signalling molecules
  • Transfer of antibodies into living mammalian cells for the functional study of endogenous factors that are complexed by these antibodies in their natural environment
  • Morpholinos (synthetic molecules with nucleic acid-like structure) as highly specific gene knockdown tool especially in animal embryonic systems
  • Labelling of cell lines e.g. with X-ray contrast agents for monitoring of in vivo distribution of cells in organism

Nucleofection™ of a Fluorescently Labelled Control Peptide. Bright field and fluorescence images of SH-SY5Y cells 2 hours after Nucleofection™ with the fluorescently labelled (FAM) control peptide at the given concentrations. Cells show ‘normal’ morphology and intracellular distribution of the FAM-peptides. (Image courtesy of Prof. R. Brock, Dept. of Biochemistry, Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences, Netherlands.)