Nucleofection™ - Substrate Flexibility

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The Nucleofector™ Technology is well suited to address specific questions in particular research areas, but is also an ideal platform for various applications that transcend such divisions:

  • Highly specific and efficient gene silencing via RNAi: Using the Nucleofector™ Technology for RNAi is a simple process as the optimal conditions for transfection of siRNA are identical to those for DNA (i.e. as given in our Optimized Protocol for your cell type of choice). Efficient down-regulation of gene expression by Nucleofection™ of siRNAs or shRNAs has already been published for many cell types.

  • Small scale protein production: Nucleofection™ has also been successfully tested for protein production. Protein amounts up to 5 mg can be produced transiently within just a few days. The Nucleofector™  Technology represents the ideal tool for gene transfer even into difficult-to-transfect cell lines like suspension CHO cells.

  • Stable clones from difficult-to-transfect cell lines: Nucleofection™ is not only very efficient for transient transfection, it can also be used to generate stably transfected clones especially from difficult-to-transfect cell lines. Such transfectants open new research possibilities including the functional analysis of clones generated from single-integration events and protein production in stably transfected cell lines.


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