Nucleofector 2b

Optimized Protocols indicating the optimal Nucleofector™ Kit and Conditions for the Nucleofector™ II/2b for a broad selection of primary cells are available. Browse our databases for further information.

The Nucleofector™ II/2b uses cell type specific kits, each of them dedicated to an individual primary cell. Individually developed Nucleofector Kits are available for each primary cell type to use in combination with the Nucleofector™ II/2b Device.

Each kit contains:

  • Specific Nucleofector™ Solution
  • Supplement
  • Singe use pipettes
  • pmaxGFP™ Control Vectors
  • Amaxa™ certified 100 µl aluminum electrode cuvettes

All primary cell kits for the Nucleofector™ II/2b Device are available in different package variations (10, 25 and 4x25 reactions) which are listed on the individual pages.