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We offer five different Primary Cell Nucleofector™ Solutions, P1 to P5, for the 4D-Nucleofector™, 96-well Shuttle™ and HT Nucleofector™ System.


  • Each of the five Nucleofector™ Solutions can be used for a selection of different primary cells
  • Optimal Nucleofection™ Conditions determined on one platform are transferable to the other platforms and also to the 100 μl single Nucleocuvette™


  • Transfection of lower cell numbers (from 2×104 to 1×106 cells) to higher cell numbers (from 2×105 to 2×107 cells) is possible
  • Flexible throughput from single cuvette [100 μl] to 16-well Nucleocuvette™ Strip [20 μl]  using 4D-Nucleofector™
  • Screening applications with 96-well and 384-well Nucleocuvette™ Plates possible