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  • 96-well Shuttle™ Software

    The Nucleofector™ 96-well Shuttle™ Software represents the graphic user interface required for running the Nucleofector™ 96-well Shuttle™ System. It is used to setup, control and save the results of a 96-well Nucleofection™ experiment.


    • Ease-of-use
    • Exportable, Excel-compatible result files


    The software is pre-installed on a laptop (see tab above) provided by Lonza together with the 96-well Shuttle™ Device. In case a re-installation of the 96-well Shuttle™ Software is required please use the provided Installation CD (or USB stick) and follow the installation wizard (process description).
    Software Versions

    Lonza may update the PC software without special announcement. Please register to receive an information about new updates. An update of the PC software might be connected with an update of the firmware of the other system components (Nucleofector™ and/or 96-well Shuttle™ Device). The PC software always does a compatibility check for the connected devices and includes an update functionality. Thus, it is recommended to always use the latest PC software version to avoid system incompatibilities.

    Compatility of 96-well Shuttle™ Software Versions with different 96-well Shuttle™ System configurations and Microsoft Windows versions.

    96-well Shuttle™ Device

    connected to









    96-well Shuttle™ Software Versions 

    for Download




    Nucleofector™ IIS Device


    Windows XP




    Nucleofector™ IIS Device  Windows 7 / 32 bit 2.16b*
    4D-Nucleofector™ Device  Windows 7 / 64 bit   2.16b*

    *Containing the most recent program definition (pd) file S-EA-02.16R which can also be downloaded separately under the tab "Program Definition & Template Parameter Files " at the top of this page.

  • Program Definition & Template Parameter Files

    "Template parameter files" (*.tp) are parameter files (= experiments) pre-defined by Lonza. They are available for all 96-well Shuttle™ Protocols which involve an optimization, i.e. the provide a ready-to-use optimization scheme. A "program definition file" (*.pd) contains the list of all 96-well programs and cell-type codes which can be used to directly select the optimal conditions (program and solution) for a certain cell type.

    Both file types are automatically installed with the 96-well Shuttle™ Software, but can be individually integrated into the software without the need of updating the compete software.

    Available Template Parameter Files (*.tp)

    Please download and copy into the folder C:\amaxa\96-well Shuttle Software\Template files

    Cell Line Optimization: 
    Primary Cell Optimization: 

    Newest Program Definition File
    (*.pd): S-EA-02.16#. For import instructions please refer to 96-well Shuttle™ Software Manual, chapter 3.4.3.

    #Note : Parameter files which were created with an older pd file version than S-EA-02.15 (e.g. S-EA-2.5 or S-EA-2.5b) will not recognize "solution" and "cell type" codes using the new version S-EA-02.15. In order to display all parameters in an old parameter file please exchange the pd file by importing the previous version S-EA-2.5b.

  • Laptop Information

    The Dell™ Laptop that has been delivered with your Nucleofector™ 96-well Shuttle™ System comes with a basic warranty, upgraded to a 3-year NBD International (Next Business Day On-site) and a 1-year CAR (Collect and Return) option.

    To view details about the model or check the status of your warranty, please at go to the Dell™ website and enter your laptop's service tag number (provided on the bottom of the laptop) under the respective tab.