Nucleocuvette™ - Modules and Plates

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96-well Nucleocuvette™ Plates

96-well Nucleofection™ occurs in 2x8 Nucleocuvette™ Strips which consist of an innovative conductive polymer material.

  • No metal ions are released into the cell suspension during Nucleofection™
  • Disposable plates - rendering time-consuming plate regeneration steps unnecessary and preventing possible cross-contamination
  • Six of such strips are combined to form a complete 96-well Nucleocuvette™ Plate (SBS standard)
  • Transfection volume per well is 20 μl suited for 2x104 - 1x106 cells per well

Available kits:

Each 96-well Nucleofector™ Kit contains:

  • 96-well Nucleofector™ Solution (cell-type specific)
  • Supplement
  • pmaxGFP™ Control Vector 
  • sterile 96-well Nucleocuvette™ Plate (with six 2x8 Nucleocuvette™ Strip)

Kit sizes:

  • Two sizes available: 96 or 960 reactions
  • For large scale transfection experiments customized kits are available.