HUVEC Yellow-Actin Fusion

The 4D-Nucleofector™ System offers a great flexibility by addressing multiple transfection needs:

Transfecting different cell types?

  • Only 5 primary cell kits covering a broad range of primary cells
  • New primary cell optimization kit for cells lacking an optimized protocol
  • Easy optimization of a variety of cell lines using the 96-well Shuttle™ Add-on Device

Using different cell numbers for different applications?

  • Same protocol for 100 μl and 20 μl transfection volume
  • 100 µl Nucleocuvette™ for high cell numbers up to 2x107
  • 20 µl Nucleocuvette™ strip for low cell numbers down to 2x104

Working with various throughputs?

  • Flexible throughput from 1 to 16 samples
  • Parallel processing of one or two 100 μl Nucleocuvettes™
  • Pre-programming of settings for up to 50 single 100 μl Nucleocuvettes™
  • Kit costs tailored to your throughput
  • 96-well Shuttle™ Add-on possibility for higher throughput needs and as a convenient cell optimization tool

Preserving cell functionality?

  • Adherent Nucleofection™ of cells at later developmental stages
  • No release of potentially detrimental metal ions due to conductive polymer electrodes