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fluoresecence microscopy of HCAEC post Nucleofectino™
  • Overview

    Achieve high transfection efficiencies and viabilities in almost every cell type. Our R&D facility in Cologne, Germany, invented Nucleofection™, the non-viral transfection technology that is now employed by leading labs worldwide. Combining Nucleofection™ and thorough processes, Lonza's transfection expertise helps meet your milestones and research objectives.

    Proven Expertise and a Diverse Offering

    • Validated stable clones - Meet your deadlines faster
    • Transiently transfected cell lines and primary cells - Achieve high transfection efficiency
    • Optimized Nucleofection™ protocols - Let us do the optimization for your cell type of interest
    • Assay ready cells cryopreserved in multi-well plates - Speed up your assay development


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  • Stable Transfection

    Generating and validating stable clones can be a difficult and time consuming process.  Lonza has extensive experience working with more than 100 different cell lines and primary cell types. Single-cell derived or pooled populations of stable clones were already successfully generated in BJAB, HL-60, J774.A1, Jurkat, K562, MCF-7, sCHO, SW480, THP-1, and U937 cells.

    You will receive:

    • Your stably transfected cells (pooled or single clones)
    • Detailed information on how clones were generated
    • Data sheet including expression characterization


  • Transient Transfection

    Transient Transfection also in primary cells
    Research deadlines sometimes do not allow for the generation of a stable clone.  Moreover, in some cases, transiently transfected cells offer advantages over stable transfection. Lonza offers cryopreserved pools of transiently transfected primary cells and cell lines tailored to your research needs.

    You will receive:

    • Your transiently transfected primary cells or cell line
    • Detailed information about the transfection procedure
    • Data sheet including transfection efficiency and viability


    HUVEC (Lonza CC-2517) were transiently transfected by Nucleofection™ with a cAMP inducible luciferase reporter construct (pGL4.29, Promega) and subsequently treated with different Forskolin concentrations.

  • Nucleofection™ Protocol Optimization

    Before Optimization


    After Optimization


    Let the experts at Lonza optimize your Nucleofector™ II/2b or Shuttle™ protocols.  With over 4,000 publications and hundreds of optimized protocols already developed, we are confident we can deliver the results you are looking for.  Visit our online cell transfection database to find a protocol that meets your needs.

    After optimizing Nucleofection™ conditions, you will receive:

    • A detailed description of the Nucleofection™ procedure
    • Nucleofection™ parameters for optimal results
    • Data on transfection efficiency and viability
    • A detailed description of cell handling before and after Nucleofection™ procedure
  • Ready to Assay Cells

    Pre-plated cryopreserved cells offer both convenience and reproducibility in a ready-to-go format.  Lonza has developed and optimized a robust protocol for freezing cells on plates. We deliver stable clones or transiently transfected primary cells and cell lines, cryopreserved in multi-well format and ready to be used in your assays.

    Your benefits:

    • Save time and effort in preparing and plating cells
    • Cells are ready to assay within hours post-thaw
    • Performance validated in comparison to non-frozen cells