Human bronchial smooth muscle cells in RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture

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Simplify 3D Cultures with a Novel Method for Tissue Modeling

How Does the RAFT™ System Work?

The RAFT™ System creates cell cultures inside a high-density collagen scaffold that more closely mimics the natural environment of cells.                        

The RAFT™ Kit includes a collagen type I solution and biocompatible absorbers, which enables researchers to control both cell concentration and matrix density.


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Video: Learn How it Works

3D culture with RAFT System - Process visualization

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New White Papers for RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture SystemModeling Tumor-Stroma Interactions with the
RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System

Tumor metastasis is influenced by the ability of cancerous cells to promote vascular growth, to disseminate and invade to distant organs. Read this white paper to learn how to engineer a compartmentalized co-culture tumoroid model with HUVECs and the RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System

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RAFT™ System has been used to successfully generate 3D models in a number of research areas and applications:

  • Cancer research – tumor formation
  • Neurobiology – blood brain barriers
  • Ocular research – corneal models
  • Fibrosis – liver models
  • Airway research – lung models


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  • Validation of an Image-Based 3D Natural Killer Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity Assay 
  • 3D Co-Culture as Model for Breast Cancer Drug Discovery    
  • Creating RAFT™ 3D Cultures with Different Thicknesses
  • And more...


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Learn how three scientists are using the RAFT™ 3D System to create and analyse complex 3D tissue models.


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Benefits at a Glance

RAFT™ System has been designed with usability in mind, with simple easy-to-follow protocols that allow researchers to set up 3D cell cultures in under an hour.


RAFT™ 3D Cell Cultures
  • are easy to handle for downstream assays
  • enable long term culture maintenance
  • allow formation of multilayer 3D models

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RAFT 3D Cell Culture Kit


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