Solving Your Primary Cell Culture Challenges

For more than 30 years, researchers have been relying on Lonza for consistent product quality and excellent support. Whether you need different donors, want to develop a new 3D model, or set up a co-culture, we can help you overcome your cell culture challenges. With Lonza's primary cells and media products, you get access to added benefits:

  • Products that are trusted by scientific community – Whether you are writing a grant application or developing a screening assay, using our cells and media gives you the added level of confidence in the results achieved. Our products are widely published and recognized for quality and consistency.
  • A qualified supplier in many pharmaceutical companies All tissue utilized for our products is ethically obtained and meets global guidelines. Our manufacturing capabilities in ISO-standard research products to GMP-grade production simplifies shift from research into therapeutic applications.
  • Cells from normal and diseased donors – Over 20 donors are available for select cell types and special donor characteristics can be requested. For diseased cells, detailed donor information including list of medications, cause of death and more can be requested by contacting our scientific support team

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Primary Cells in Research

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  • Custom solutions including cell isolation, media production and 3D culture services – Our Cells on Demand™ Custom Services give access to expanded options such as additional diseased cells or protocol development for 3D culture.
  • A support team cross-trained in cells, transfection and 3D culture – Our scientific support team offers one-on-one assistance by leveraging upon our protocols, whitepapers, a vast library of publications and cell culture expertise. We strive for excellence when helping our customers with their experiments.

Products and Services
  Resources and Support

Human skeletal muscle myoblasts stained for desmin and counterstained for dapi

Human Cells and Media

Get cells from normal and diseased donors with detailed donor information (Diabetes, Asthma and other diseases).

  Illustration showing primary cells compared to cell lines

Primary Cells vs. Cell Lines

Primary cells are considered to be more biologically relevant tools than cell lines. Learn why.                             


Animal Primary Cells - Rat Hypotalamus Neurons 

Animal Cells and Media      

Cryopreserved animal cells increase flexibility with long-term studies and collaborative studies.

  Primary Cells - Infographic explaining the origina and benefits of primary cells


Learn the benefits of primary cells which represent tissue characteristics more closely.

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Human Primary Cells - Podocytes

Cells on Demand™ 

Custom Services

Our custom service offers options outside of our catalog. Request additional characterization data or custom cell or media production.


RAFT™ System for 3D Cell Culture

3D Cell Culture

The RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System is transforming research in cancer, airway, liver and other areas.

  Scientific Support Specialist
Scientific Support
Speak to our cell culture experts to get customized support on how to use our cells, media and 3D culture products in your experiments.       


Also learn more about our Hepatocytes for ADMETox applications