Box of PAGEr EX Gels

This is more than just another type of protein gel, it’s a solution for:

  • Fast separation, 20-25 minutes
  • 1 year shelf life
  • Must run using ProSieve™ EX Running Buffer

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PAGEr™ EX Gels are completely redesigned precast SDS PAGE gels made with faster migration and longer shelf-life formulations, simplifying the full protein separation range offering. This makes choosing the optimal gel easier. The gels are available in cassette sizes compatible with a wide range of chambers.

PAGEr™ EX Gels Performance & Specifications:

Equivalent Concentrations
Well Formats 
Mid/High range
10-350 kDa

12 well or
16 well
9 x 10cm or
10 x 10cm 
 ProSieve™ EX Running Buffer
 Most standard protein chambers
Low/Mid range
5-225 kDA

10% 12 well or
16 well
9 x 10cm or
10 x 10cm