Nucleic acid electrophoresis is what Lonza is known for.  We have the brands you know and trust for nucleic acid electrophoresis.

  • SeaKem®, NuSieve™ and MetaPhor™ Agarose
  • FlashGel™ System
  • Reliant™ and Latitude™ Precast Gels
  • AccuGENE™ Buffers and GelBond® Gel Support Film

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Nucleic acid electrophoresis is what we are best known for and Lonza is the leading innovator and world’s most trusted supplier of agarose and precast gels. We are experts in both protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis, bringing a strong history of innovation and reliability to your most important research. Our well known product brands set the standard in quality, purity and performance for nucleic acid electrophoresis.

Covering the most extensive range of nucleic acid electrophoresis applications, our products are optimized for the unique requirements of your most critical molecular biology techniques including electrophoresis of DNA and RNA, PFGE for large fragment analysis, PCR fragment analysis, DNA and RNA recovery and cloning, and Northern and Southern blotting.  When our standard products do not completely fit your needs, inquire about our custom capabilities to find a product that does.

From detailed specifications on agarose and size markers, to specific instructions for DNA recovery, we cover the basics needed to ensure successful separation, detection and analysis of nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.

Our agarose offering also includes agarose appropriate for special applications such as viral plaque assays, cell culture, cDNA library expansion, comet assays, and more.  Lonza agarose types are listed as Class 1 Medical Devices under registration number 1219614.  Check out any one of the many nucleic acid electrophoresis applications or product lines listed above and see why Lonza is still considered the very best for nucleic acid electrophoresis.