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  • Overview

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    • Leading experts in electrophoresis and separations systems
      • Inventors and leading innovators in agarose electrophoresis for > 40 yrs
      • Products and applications for agarose and polyacrylamide separation, detection, recovery, etc.
    • Direct product and application assistance to customers
    • Extensive testing and QC capabilities
    • Ability to customize agarose characteristics for specific applications, e.g. gelling/melting temperature, gel tensile strength, clarity
    • Mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering expertise for product, format and packaging customization
    • Stringent quality standards (ISO certified production and FDA listed agarose and GelBond products)
    • Supply chain value options such as vendor managed inventory and safety stock

    • Product Documents
  • Precast Gel Capabilities

    When an "off-the-shelf" precast gel does not suit your needs, inquire about our custom precast gel manufacturing capabilities to produce a gel that is optimized for your system. Leverage our years of experience and technical knowledge to help design the best solution. Collaborate directly with our team of scientists and project managers to understand feasibility, timelines and costs up front. Our extended capabilities cover all product aspects.

    • Custom buffer
    • Custom size format
    • Custom concentration
    • Custom well format



    • Manufactured with high quality Lonza agaroses, including SeaKem® and NuSieve™ Agarose for reliability.
    • Saves time, allows researchers to focus on their experiments.
    • Compatible with your current electrophoresis system.
    • Designed and created for your specific needs.

  • Molecular Biology Buffer Capabilities

    Whenever your buffer is not commercially available or you need a second source, inquire about our custom molecular biology buffer manufacturing capabilities to produce your buffer. Lonza’s ISO 9001:2008 certified facility is more than capable to offer the choices to meet your needs.

    • Custom formulation
    • Custom pH
    • Custom testing
    • Custom packaging



    • Manufactured with high quality 18 MΩ water and can be filtered using a 0.2 μm filter.
    • We generate and provide the MSDS.
    • Saves time, allows research to focus on their experiments.
    • Designed and created for your specific needs.