Video of scratch assay cell culture of Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes– Adult (192627) recorded with CytoSMART™ Lux 10X Device


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A scratch assay is an easy-to-do, low cost and well established type of migration assay. It is often applied to study wound healing or angiogenesis, using cells such as fibroblastskeratinocytes, epithelial or endothelial cells etc. It is initiated by introducing a “scratch” or gap into a cell culture (either manually or by culturing cells on specific culture wells). Thereafter the culture is documented to determine the duration until the “scratch” in the culture has been closed again by migrating cells. The documentation of scratch assays is ideally performed using live cell imaging. However, only few labs own a live cell imaging system, so that documentation is often executed manually unless a core facility is available that offers live cell imaging services.


Manual documentation of a scratch assay experiment is cumbersome and poses the risk of not documenting the exact time of scratch closure. In addition cells are frequently removed from the incubator and hence from their ideal growth conditions during image taking. This may influence the overall biological activity of the cells and the outcome of the scratch assay results.


If a core facility is available, live cell imaging can be used to document the scratch assay. However, the central service may incur costs and requires the user to reserve a slot in the central schedule. As cell cultures sometimes show irregular growth behaviors, scheduling may pose an issue and experiments may sometimes need to be repeated, in particular if the cell culture has not sufficiently proliferated until the scheduled time slot.


With the CytoSMART™ System you can establish your own personal live cell imaging system in your lab that allows easy documentation of your scratch assay. Images and videos of the scratch assay experiment are easily retrieved via the CytoSMART™ Connect Cloud Project Page. Images are typically downloaded as .jpg files, videos are available as .avi files.


Use the CytoSMART™ System to document and video-tape your scratch assays. Take advantage of the video functionality and make your presentations much more lively by showing videos of your performed scratch assays. Don’t hesitate and request a quote for your personal CytoSMART™ System.  


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