CytoSMART Lux 10X System with cell culture flask

The CytoSMART™ System was used in the past year to monitor and record constantly cell cultures in our research lab. 

Access the CytoSMART™ Project Pages to:

  • Watch the time-lapse video of the cell culture by pressing the START button
  • Track the cell confluency by watching the cell coverage pane




Watch archived CytoSMART™ Lux 10X Videos:

Cell type Catalog number Link to view the video
 Astrocytes, Human (NHA)  CC-2565  NHA video
 Endothelial Cells, Aortic, Human (HAEC)  CC-2535  HAEC video
 Endothelial Cells, Umbilical Vein, Human (HUVEC)  C2517A  HUVEC video
 Epithelial Cells, Bronchial, Human (NHBE)  CC-2540  NHBE video
 Fibroblasts, Dermal, Human (NHDFneo)  CC-2609  NHDFneo video
 Keratinocytes, Human (NHEKadult)  192627  NHEK video 
 Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Human (hMSC)  PT-2501  hMSC video
 Osteoblasts, Human (NHOst)  CC-2538 

 NHOst video

 Skeletal Muscle Cells, Human (SkMC)  CC-2561  SkMC video
 Smooth Muscle Cells, Aortic, Human (AoSMC)  CC-2571  AoSMC video
 Smooth Muscle Cells, Bronchial, Human (BSMC)  CC-2576  BSMC video


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