Cells in hemocytometer counted by CytoSMART System

The new CytoSMART™ System has been developed for live cell imaging and monitoring. Document and record your cell culture with the CytoSMART™ Device and monitor all data and experiments via innovative CytoSMART™ Cloud Technology - anytime and anywhere*.

In addition, the CytoSMART™ System offers a quick and easy-to-use cell counting feature using a standard hemocytometer. Within seconds, the CytoSMART™ App determines the exact number of cells in your culture. If cells are stained with Trypan blue, the number of live cells is detected.

Cell counting in the same area is reproducible and reflects the number achieved with manual cell counting

   A. Cell Type1  B. Cell Type 2
 Count 1  Count 2  Count 3  Count 1 Count 2 Count 3 

CytoSMART™ Cell Counting            

[106  cells/mL]













Manual Cell Counting**            

[106 cells/mL]






Reproducibility of CytoSMART™ Cell Counting of living cells and comparison with manual cell counting. Cell counting performed with CytoSMART™ Device either counting the same area of the hemocytometer (A) or three different areas of a hemocytometer (B).


Cell Counting Applications

  • Determine the cell concentration of your suspension cell culture
  • Count the number of living cells in your Trypan blue stained cell sample      


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*Requires internet access.

**Performed according to standard laboratory practice.