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Endotoxin Detection

Lonza’s endotoxin detection products have been available since the 1970s, beginning with the Gel Clot LAL Assay. Using our extensive experience with endotoxin detection and its regulatory requirements, we deliver innovative and time-saving tools for both the research and pharmaceutical markets.

The presence of endotoxin in cell culture systems can be problematic for researchers. Endotoxin impacts over 30 biological activities and can lead to cell death by initiating complement activation. Therefore, it is important that endotoxin levels in cell culture media and supplements be measured and controlled. Lonza’s liquid media products are pre-tested for endotoxin using the Kinetic-QCL™ Assay.

The endotoxin detection product line offers researchers a wide variety of assays, instrumentation, software and accessories.

For those who prefer outsource testing, our Endotoxin Testing Services, offers routine testing as well as validation steps required during a product validation program and requested by regulatory authorities and compendia such as EMA, EP and USP.

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