Media for Cell Culture

Classical media is a version of liquid media that is used to provide nutrients for cell growth with the addition of serum.  Lonza offers a variety of classical media that is manufactured under strictly controlled processes to provide consistent quality in every batch.  Chemicals used to prepare liquid media products are purchased according to the raw material qualifications from approved suppliers. Each lot must meet established component specifications before it is released by Quality Assurance for use. 

Lonza's classical media offering includes: 

DMEM - Available in high and low glucose formulations to aid in culturing a variety of mammalian cells.

MEM - Also for mammalian cells, Lonza's MEM formulations are available with both Hank's and Earle's balanced salt solutions.

RPMI - Mostly used with hematopoietic cells, Lonza offers a variety of formulations for mammalian cell culture and mycological assays.

IMDM - Widely used with rapidly growing cell types.

Insect Media - Various formulations that aid in different types of research using insect cells.   

 Lonza's classical media formulations are those recommended by the Tissue Culture Association.  For detailed formulations and instructions for use visit the product families shown above.  For additional questions about classical media contact Scientific Support.


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