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Freshly Isolated Primary Hepatocytes

Lonza delivers freshly isolated hepatocytes from both human and animal donors.

Fresh hepatocytes can be supplied in the following formats:

  • Suspension (1 million cell increments) 
  • 6-well plates
  • 12-well plates
  • 24-well plates
  • 48-well plates
  • 96-well plates

Each of these formats is available with or without MatrigelTM overlay.

View a PDF with catalog numbers and list pricing.    

Engineering Culture Platforms to Mimic Liver Diseases  

Watch the on-demand webinar: 

Engineering Culture Platforms to Mimic Liver Diseases

Presented by Dr. Salman Khetani


The plating density and other key handling information for fresh hepatocyte can be found in our 

Handling Freshly Isolated Plated Hepatocytes Protocol.


 Animal Hepatocytes

Animal hepatocytes isolations are scheduled for Mondays and vary by species as follows:

  • Rat (Sprague Dawley, Wistar, and Wistar Hannover): Monthly
  • Mouse (CD-1 and C57BL/6): Monthly
  • Dog (Beagle): Quarterly
  • Monkey (Rhesus and Cyno): On Request

View the 2018 animal isolation calendar.


Human Hepatocytes

Fresh hepatocytes from human donors depend on availability.  To be alerted when fresh human hepatocytes might be available, sign up for our Fresh Alert Emails:

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How to Order Fresh Hepatocytes

There are two steps to complete a fresh human hepatocyte order, which require a PO or credit card to be processed.

  1. Customers who are expecting to need fresh human hepatocytes should set up a blanket PO or standing order. Contact Customer Service for help if needed.
  2. When a FreshAlert is received, fill out the order form in the FreshAlert email or link below and include your PO# or note that you plan to pay by credit card.


Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you with setting up your blanket PO number,  order placement,  or answer inquiries regarding existing orders, Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-8:00PM (EST).


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