4D-Nucleofector™ LV Unit for large scale transfection

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Efficient, Closed and Scalable Transfection

Experience the new functional unit for the 4D-Nucleofector™ System which expands our proven technology to large-scale transfection. The LV Unit allows for closed, scalable transfection of larger cell numbers in the range of 1x107 to 1x109 cells.

Transfection protocols can be established in smaller scale using the X Unit and subsequently transferred to the LV Unit without the need for re-optimization. Transferability has been tested for various cell types, including human T cells, CHO-S, HEK293-S, or K562.

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Benefit from

  • Closed system – Sterile Nucleofection of up to 109 cells
  • Real scalability – Optimization in small scale
  • Established protocols – Benefit from 700+ optimized cell types
  • Simple handling – Minimal training needs
  • 4D-Nucleofector™ LogWare – Optional operation via 21CFR part11 compliant software      



  • Ex-vivo modification of human primary cells for cell therapy applications (e.g. genome editing, generation of CAR-T cells)
  • Transient production of potential therapeutic proteins or antibodies for construct screening
  • Generation of large numbers of transiently modified primary cells for cell-based assays 



Two Large-Scale Transfection Formats Available

Researchers can choose between two different Nucleocuvette™ Cartridges depending on the cell numbers to transfect and their application.

1 mL Nucleocuvette™ Cartridge for large scale transfection of up to 100 milion cells 

1 mL Nucleocuvette™ Cartridge

  • 1 mL filling volume
  • Up to 1x108 cells
  • Manual filling via sterile injection port
LV Nucleocuvette™ Cartridge for large scale transfection of up to 1 bilion cells

LV Nucleocuvette™ Cartridge

  • Up to 20 mL processing volume (in 1 mL steps)
  • Up to 1x109 cells
  • Automatic filling via reservoirs or bags



Transferability of small scale to large scale transfection using 4D-Nucleofector™ LV Unit

Transferability from Small to Large Scale. Comparison of various exemplary cell types  transfected with pmaxGFP™ Vector in small volume (100 µL Nucleocuvette™ Vessels) or larger volumes  (1 mL Nucleocuvette™ Cartridge or LV Nucleocuvette™ Cartridge) using the same conditions.Transfection efficiency and cell viability were analyzed 24 hours post Nucleofection. Data represent the mean of various independent experiments .



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  • Mendt et al. (2018) Generation and testing of clinical-grade exosomes for pancreatic cancer. JCI Insight 3(8) (pubmed)


Transfer your transfection application from small to large-scale using a straight forward approach!

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