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Capsugel® PCcaps® capsules provide a simple way for pre-clinical oral administration of pharmaceutical actives and formulations to rodents.Capsugel® PCcaps® capsules are very small gelatin capsules that are ideal for oral delivery of the neat active in pre-clinical animal studies. They have been designed for performing pre-clinical trials such as pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and animal safety studies.

Using Capsugel® PCcaps® allow to avoid the use of solvents that may be incompatible with the active, or that cause toxicity, to deliver exact dose to rodents without using any excipients, to perform controlled-release studies by enteric coating of Pccaps capsules.

Capsugel® offers a convenient Capsugel® PCcaps® Capsule Kit which includes 100 capsules, an instructional tutorial and equipment for filling, as well as a delivery device. Capsugel® PCcaps® capsules are also available separately in 50 count boxes.

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