An expression system based on amplification of the glutamine synthetase (gs) gene leads to high level expression of heterologous proteins in CHO and NS0 cells. Two high copy number gs-CHO producer cell lines maintained high specific productivity in the presence of drug selection, but one was unstable in the absence of drug selection. A gs-CHO cell line with a single heterologous gene copy was found to be stable in the absence of drug selection. The gs-NS0 system was found to be highly stable for two high-yielding cell lines producing recombinant antibodies in the presence or absence of drug selection. Fed-batch serum-free suspension fermentation yielded a harvest titre of 895mg/l of recombinant antibody from one gs-NS0 cell line. Authors: Hassell, T.E., Brand, H.N., Renner, G.L., Westlake, A.J., et al.
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