A methodology designed to eliminate mitotic inhibitor action and involving use of pretested fetal calf serum and careful pH and temperature control has been described by which cells from normal human and animal tissue can be maintained in active growth for long periods in vitro without development of aneuploidy. By means of this procedure, it is possible reliably to establish cell cultures from minute skin biopsies which can be taken from any individual. Clones of mammalian cells with chromosomal markers have been isolated by this means from x-irradiated non-irradiated cell cultures. Application of these techniques to chromosome delineation in large numbers of human subjects; determination of chromosomal sex in patients; spontaneous and induced genetic changes in somatic mammalian cells in vivo and in vitro; comparison of metabolic differences between normal and cancerous cells and other problems have been indicated. Authors: Puck, T.T., Cieciura, S.J. and Robinson, A.
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