Equipment Cleaner

Greenwood, South Carolina

Equipment Cleaner - D-Shift

Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all equipment used in gelatin preparation and capsule production.

Essential Functions: 

  • Plans Clean, wash, and sanitize dishes and gelatin feed tanks. 

  • Clean HCM’s at a dish wash.

  • Collect scrap trim and gelatin.

  • Performa housekeeping duties.

  • Must be able to work 12 hour shifts, which may include weekends, holidays, etc.

  • Must be able to work additional hours/days as business needs dictate.

  • Attendance in the plant site is considered an essential function.

Other Duties: 

  • Performs other responsibilities as directed.


  • High school graduate or GED equivalent
  • Passing test scores on Work Keys and mechanical testing


  • Good verbal communication skills and teamwork

  • Basic computer/software knowledge

  • Demonstrated logistical thinking and troubleshooting ability

Reference: R20225