HT Nucleofector™ System

HT-Nucleofector™ device

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    The High-Throughput Nucleofection™ Platform

    The new HT Nucleofector™ System is an independent platform for highthroughput Nucleofection™ in 384-well format. With an extremely fast plate processing time of one minute it is perfectly suited for screening applications with maximum reproducibility. Furthermore cell storage time in Nucleofector™ Solution is reduced to a minimum and all existing 96-well Shuttle™ Protocols can be used without further optimization.


    • Fast - Processes a 384-well plate in one minute, carousel capable of handling two plates
    • High performance combined with minimum material consumption - Nucleofection™ of low cell numbers down to 2x104 cells
    • Easy-to-use -  uses existing 96-well Shuttle™ Protocols
    • Automation compatible - seamless integration into automated liquid handling environments

    The HT Nucleofector™ System consists of

    • Plate Handler Unit - The carousel of this unit offers two positions for 384-well Nucleocuvette™ plates, thus allowing loading and processing of two plates in parallel
    • Power Supply – Assembled in a 19" format the power supply can be positioned horizontally or vertically
    • HT Nucleofector™ Operation Software  - The unique and intuitive software allows easy parameterization of high throughput experiments. The software manages up to 384 different programs per plate, thus each well can be adressed individually

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions (w×d×h)

    384-well Nucleofector™ Plate Handler:
    40 cm × 42 cm × 15 cm (15.7 × 16.5 × 5.9 in)

    384-well Nucleofector™ Power Supply:
    13.5 cm × 50 cm × 45 cm (5.3 × 19.6 × 17.7 in) 


    384-well Nucleofector™ Plate Handler:
    10 kg (22.04 lb)

    384-well Nucleofector™ Power Supply:
    14 kg (30.86 lb)

    Ordering Information

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    384-well Nucleofector™ System
    Includes power supply, plate handler, laptop, and software 

    AWT-1001 384-well Nucleofector™ Installation and Training
    AWA-3001-HT HT Nucleofector™ System Guarantee Extension (1y)*

    *Comprises diagnosis and repair of the device along with all replacement parts.

  • 384-well Nucleocuvette™ Plates

    384-well Nucleofection™ occurs in the newly developed Nucleocuvette™ Plates which consist of an innovative conductive polymer material. No metal ions are released into the cell suspension during Nucleofection™.

    • Disposable plates - rendering time-consuming plate regeneration steps unnecessary and preventing possible cross-contamination Automation-compatible SBS standard
    • Transfection volume per well is 20 μl suited for 2x104 - 1x106 cells per well 

    384-well Nucleocuvette™ Plate

    Available kits:

    • P1 - P5 384-well Nucleofector™ Kits for transfection of primary cells
    • SE, SF and SG 384-well Nucleofector™ Kits for transfection of cell lines
    • Optimization kits for primary cells and cell lines

    Each 384-well Nucleofector™ Kit contains:

    • Newly developed conductive polymer 384-well Nucleocuvette™ Plates (SBS standard)
    • Nucleofector™ Solution
    • Supplement
    • pmaxGFP™ Control Vector

    Kit sizes: Available with 2 or 10 plates.