10 L Air Lift Bioreactor in Slough, UK Plant

The Potelligent® CHOK1SV™ cell line retains the desirable features of a high-productivity cell line: robust, high-yielding and scalable, while providing a stable and repeatable process for each new CHO cell line.  The proven bioproduction platform for Potelligent® CHOK1SV™ derived cell line expression has produced antibodies with the expected enhanced ADCC activity.




Antibodies produced by the Potelligent® CHOK1SV™ Cell Line:

  • Can exert potent cytotoxic effects even when their target antigen density is low
  • Retain all the other desirable features of antibodies such as Protein A binding


Figure 1:  ADCC Activity on samples taken from 10L fed batch bioreactors