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The pCon Vectors are an easy way to re-express whole antibodies. The constant region vectors are a set of vectors offering a range of immunoglobulin constant region vectors cloned into the pEE vectors. These vectors offer easy construction of full length antibodies with human constant regions and the convenience of the GS Gene Expression System™.


Key Benefits

  • Allows easy sub-cloning of variable regions in a single ligation step
  • Fast construction of chimeric or fully humanized antibodies
  • Wide range of isotypes and allotypes available
  • Gene optimized DNA sequences


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Constant Region
Heavy chain   Light Chain  
Isotype Allotype Isotype Allotype
IgG1 f, za and zax         Lambda2               N/A                 
IgG2 n- Kappa Km(3)
IgG3 g
IgG4 N/A*

*more stable hinge mutant available
NB: IgG1, IgG2 and IgG4 constant region genes are also available where the codon for the C-terminal lysine has been removed.