Capsugel® Product Certifications

With a diverse portfolio of Capsugel® capsules, including hard gelatin, softgel and vegetarian capsules, many of our products meet consumer and patient needs around the world.

Discover the range of product certifications available for our health ingredients

Brands can trust in our unwavering commitment to quality and safety with the wide range of product certifications that are available for our science-backed health ingredients. Many of our ingredients are BSE and GMP compliant, as well as free from starch, sugar, gluten, and allergens. Several of our ingredients are also halal and kosher certified, non-GMO and organic.

However, the specific attributes and certifications available will depend on the individual ingredient and selected market. Speak to your Lonza representative for more information.

We strongly believe that staying ahead of the product integrity curve makes good business sense—and that establishing a reputation for creating products backed by certifications is not only crucial for the industry, but also for opening up market opportunities. That’s why we work with the following certifiers*:

  • Ko Kosher
  • OU Kosher
  • Kosher Badatz
  • Rabbi Sam A. Schlesinger Kosher
  • ISA Halal
  • IFANCA Halal
  • MUI Halal
  • JUHF Halal
  • Halal Quality Control
  • Shandong Halal

*Certifications available will depend on individual products and selected markets. Consult with your Lonza representative for more information.

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