Lab Services

Our application lab is focused on solving technical issues and creating new solutions related to dosage form and delivery. Leverage our scientific and technical knowledge to overcome development challenges, develop customized solutions, improve manufacturing process methodology and more.

Fill Formulation Development

Optimize delivery for oral powder, liquid-filled and lipid-based products, or dry powder inhalation.

Capsule Selection and Innovation

Develop custom capsules with tailored properties and designs.

Process Development and Optimization

Fine-tune your formulation for optimal encapsulation while evaluating capsule filling feasibility.

Solving today's challenges

Solutions to optimize your development process

Pharmaceutical R&D is under constant pressure to create more and better drugs faster, all while reducing risk and costs. Capsule Application Lab services can augment your R&D efforts to meet stringent requirements.

Enabling technology platforms and customized dosage forms to reduce probablity of failure

Outsource formulation development to increase capacity

Improve turnaround time of your formulations by working with experts

Help reduce scale-up and manufacturing costs by optimizing encapsulation process

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