WinKQCL™ 5 Endotoxin Detection Software – Using Trending and Other Advanced Features

With WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection Software, you can do more than just run your template and report results. The software offers a fully integrated solution for your quantitative endotoxin detection, data management and reporting needs.  



 View the recorded webinar and learn how to make your endotoxin testing process more efficient.


41 minutes


Date: 26 March 2014


Speaker: Dr. Saskia Ihle, Scientific Support Specialist


Download webinar presentation:






  • How to prevent retests where you have split pair/split replicate events
  • How to investigate Out of Specification events and identify trends using our built in trending data analysis feature
  • How to keep spot contaminations from invalidating your standard curve
  • How to use your Windows® password in WinKQCL™
  • How to set up feature access to ensure compliance to 21 CFR Part 11
  • And much more…



PDF (1 MB)

PDF including software demo videos (27 MB)




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