The Integrated Sample Lifecycle: Automating Devices, Media and Monitoring Systems with MODA™

View the archived webinar and learn about the benefits of a fully integrated Quality Control Micro Program from sample to result.


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Duration: 50 minutes


Date: 11 February 2014


Speaker: Mr. Michael Goetter,
Head of Informatics,
Lonza Bioscience


Topics discussed:

  • Common compliance and clerical issues that increase the time from taking a sample to generating actionable information
  • Why “paperless lab” is not enough – how errors and human intervention still occur when automation stops at the lab and focuses solely on eliminating paper
  • The information and integration points needed for a comprehensive picture of QC Micro
  • How MODA™ integrates, centralizes, and analyzes complete sample lifecycle information
  • How to make the right integration choices with limited time and budget
  • The compliance, time-saving and information intelligence benefits of a comprehensive approach to automation QC Micro

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