Blue safety catheter with blood collection tube and holder - Testing medical devices for endotoxin

Medical Devices:
Guidelines for Performing the Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET)

Are you a QC professional responsible for testing medical devices for endotoxin? Do you want to learn more about the updates released by the USP?

Watch the archived webinar below to help ensure you are testing medical devices for endotoxin according to compendial requirements.


View the Archived Webinar
Duration: 45 minutes


Date: 12 April 2016

Speaker: Travis Wallace,
Scientific Support Specialist, Lonza

  • What constitutes a device
  • Calculating Endotoxin Release Limits (ERL)
  • Establishing a sampling plan
  • Suitability testing (test for interfering factors)

Watch the webinar on our Bioscience website