Lonza offers basic support while the WinKQCL™ Software is within its support period, as set forth below. Basic support is provided through Lonza’s Scientific Support group. Basic support encompasses those support needs within the capabilities of Scientific Support. Examples of basic support include, but are not limited to: assistance setting up products, accessories, and templates; running validation and endotoxin tests, trending data; configuring the software through the WinKQCL™ application user interface, and pre-installation and installation questions covered within the scope defined in the software manual. Support needs outside of the topics of the manual, or outside of the capabilities of the WinKQCL™ application, may require escalation to advanced support.

Lonza agrees to provide basic technical support of the WinKQCL™ Software for up to six (6) years from the date of availability of the last patch or minor version release of the software. Basic support will end the last business day of the month when this (6) year period has been reached (see the table below). Lonza will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide basic support after support expiration, but cannot ensure support will be possible and shall have no liability in the event it does not provide such basic support after support expiration. Support provided after expiration of the support period may require a fee for service or a support contract.

Major Release 


Last Release  Release Date  Support Expiration 
 1  1.2  May 1999  May 2005
 2  2.0  Jun 2002  Jun 2008
 3  3.1  Apr 2007  Apr 2013
 4  4.0.3  Nov 2011  Nov 2017

Advanced Support encompasses those support needs that are beyond the capabilities of Lonza Scientific Support. Advanced Support may require a fee for service (including travel costs) and/or separate support contract whether support is provided during or after the support period defined above. Examples of Advanced Support include, but are not limited to, the following: report customization, database setup, network and firewall troubleshooting, scripted installation support, custom features, application virtualization setup and troubleshooting, Active Directory® integration, security troubleshooting, database maintenance setup and troubleshooting, and import or export setup with external systems such as environmental monitoring systems or laboratory information management systems.


Active Directory is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.