Now Available: Lonza's 2014 QC Testing Solutions Calendar


An Ancient Mariner

The images were captured during the horseshoe crabs’ annual spawning ritual on Pickering Beach, Delaware, (USA). We felt privileged to observe this gentle creature during the high tides, full moon and new moon in early Spring.

The selected cover image reflects the design and durability of the horseshoe crab shell, one of the many reasons why horseshoe crabs have survived the challenges of nature, through time. Focusing on the crab as the subject matter also provided us the opportunity to promote awareness and respect for the animal, as well as to promote horseshoe crab conservation.

Just flip ‘em!®

The common occurrence of stranded crabs on the beach promoted the Just flip ‘em!® campaign developed by the Ecological Research and Development Group (ERDG), to assist through a simple act of compassion, the flipping of horseshoe crabs that are stranded upside down as a result of their spawning activities.  

We acknowledge Glenn Gauvry, President and Founder of ERDG, for his education into the world of this remarkable animal and for his special collaboration on our 2014 Calendar Project. To learn more about horseshoe crab conservation and Lonza’s best practices in the harvesting and handling of the horseshoe crabs that are used in the manufacturing of LAL, please visit:  

Just flip 'em®! is a trademark of ERDG, Ecological Research and Development Group.