Lonza Bioscience Services Overview

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Visit our Cell Therapy pages for further information on:


  • Manufacturing Services
  • Development Services
    • Process Development
    • Analytical Development
    • Media Development
  • cGMP-Compliant Manufacturing Services
  • Biopreservation
  • Fill & Finish
  • Storage and Distribution

If you are interested in our Viral Based Therapeutic Services. We offer the following capabilities:


  • Development Services
    • Process Development
    • Analytical Services
  • cGMP-Compliant Manufacturing Services
  • Fill & Finish
  • Storage and Distribution

Pluripotent stem cells have the ability to generate any cell type in the human body. Because of this unique attribute, these cells have great potential in basic research, drug discovery and cell replacement therapies. Lonza offers the following services for both clinical & research applications:


  • Tissue Acquisition
  • Reprogramming
  • iPSC Generation Scale-up & Banking
  • Characterization Differentiation
  • Process Optimization

Be sure to learn more about our Media Services.  We provide the following products and services for upstream and downstream processing:


  • Custom Liquid Products
  • Custom Powdered Products
  • Bioprocess Containers
  • Media Optimization and Formulation

For our Bioassay Testing Services, we develop and optimize various bioassay methods. These methods can be custom developed from initial research findings to advanced development of processes.

Our Offerings:


  • Cell proliferation/ survival/ cytotoxicity-ViaLight/ ToxiLight platform
  • Stem Cell Characterization & Differentiation (ex. Teratoma formation)
  • ELISA-secreted cytokines and growth factors (potency)
  • ADCC (Antibody Dependent Cell Mediated Cytoxicity)
  • Angiogenesis - Proprietary immortalized endothelial cell lines
  • Proliferation, Migration, Tube Formation
  • Neutralization