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Lonza China上海市凯旋路369号龙之梦雅仕大厦1710-1716室 ,邮编:200051
Room 1710-1716, Longemont Yes Tower, No.369 Kai Xuan Road, Shanghai 200051,China
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Lonza is the trusted QC Testing Solutions provider for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. We've walked in your shoes and know the challenges you face in a regulated environment. As a manufacturer ourselves, we face them too. We transform our practical knowledge and technical expertise to deliver a portolfio of products that support the critical needs of regulated, manufacturing environments, like our own. 


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Endotoxin Detection:  Leading innovation for products and software.


Informatics:  Integrated and flexible software solutions from Lonza’s QC Testing Services automate quality control processes for regulated manufacturing.
  • MODA™ QC Micro: More Science. Less Paper™. By combining automated scheduling, workflows, mobile data acquisition, device integration, and advanced analytics, the MODA Solution™ delivers efficiencies across your organization.